Full Coverage Dental Insurance      


What best describes your dental insurance needs?

                      I am urgently in need of Basic or Major Dental Work such Fillings, Crowns, and Root Canals.


                      I do Not need Major dental work at this time, but I do need a Cleaning ASAP.


                      I am in between jobs and I want to have dental coverage in place.



                         Choose one option above to see which dental insurance will offer the best full coverage for you or your family.

                         We work with many dental insurance carriers including large carriers such as United Health and Humana.

                         Dental insurance with full coverage can range from $11-$36 per and individual and $50 -$135 per a family.

Dental Insurance Full Coverage




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                                                                 Having dental insurance with full comprehensive coverage is easy as long as you follow a few rules:

                          Always Have Dental Coverage

                  Currently, in the United States majority of the population do Not have dental insurance.

                  Having a gap in coverage usually means you will have to undergo a waiting period in order to get coverage.

                  Some carriers do offer No Waiting Period Dental Insurance.

                         Make certain to buy real dental insurance, not discount coverage.

                  The market is full of discount dental coverage, you will do best by working with a dental agent and buying real dental insurance.

                  Companies such as Humana One Dental or United Health Dental offer full coverage dental insurance.

                         Get your cleanings every six months!

                  Every dental policy has a cap on what benefit it will pay per a year.

                  The easiest way to avoid maxing your plan benefit is to got every six month and then you can get the major dental work done as soon as it is needed.

                  This is a much better way to get your maximum benefit every year.

                  Those who wait and only go every few years may need several thousands of dollars of dental work done at one time.

                         Bonus Tip - Buy Vision and Dental Insurance.

                  Most carriers offer Vision and Dental Insurance in one policy.

                  You will find that buying a vision policy separately may cost double as opposed to buying it with a full coverage dental policy.